How to give the Online Examination

Step 1:
Click Exam Login and enter your UserName and Password which is sent to your mobile and on Email id.
(Instruction: if you forget the User Login and password then click onForgot Credentialsand enter the required parameter.)
Step 2:
After Login following Examination Details page will display. Please click on Apply to exam name.
Step 3:
Read all instruction before start examination and click on acceptance.To start the Exam please click on start Exam button.
Step 4:
Save and Next: click save and Next buttonto display next question
Save and previous button: click save and previous button to display previous question
End Exam : click End Exam button to End Exam.
If Exam time is over logout automatically.
Step 5:
After end of Exam result will display on same screen, and also to your mobile as well as Email.
Note: For any query please contact Mobile No: 9604050623,9595968619
Click here to download help document for "How to give the Online Examination".